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Have you ever thought about what would happen to your kids if something happened to you and you weren’t around to take care of them? 

If your closest family members live outside the U.S., you might think they could just hop on a plane and take your kids back to your home country. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work – even if that relative had a valid visa to enter the U.S.  

Without a comprehensive legal plan in place, your child could end up without a guardian — meaning they could become a ward of the state and put into the U.S. foster care system.   

Because the stakes are so high, having a legal plan in place is a requirement for global families.    

To learn how to protect your children so that they wouldn’t be put at risk if something happens to you, click on the link below to watch a free video presentation on Estate Planning for Global Families.      

Also, check out our blog article about this topic: Estate Planning When Family Ties Cross Borders

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