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Probate 101: What You Need to Know About Estate Settlement

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult, and even more so if you are responsible for navigating the process of probate, whereby the courts settle the deceased’s estate in accordance with their estate planning documents. If there are estate planning documents in place, the process is relatively hands-off once the documents are authenticated. However, … Read more

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

A study at the University of Cambridge concluded that children begin developing an understanding and habits surrounding finances by the age of 7. The cost of waiting to talk to your children about money can be long-lasting, so let’s take a look at how those conversations can look for your family. Be Aware of How You Talk … Read more


2022 Year-End Tax Planning Tips

As the year comes to an end, now is the time to make any last-minute adjustments to reduce any potential tax liabilities.  Here are some strategies that may help you reduce or defer certain tax obligations for the 2022 tax year. Optimize Investment Losses This year was a challenging time for the market, and financial … Read more

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Recently Divorced? It’s Time To Update Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan is a living document or set of legal documents. This means the plan you set today likely won’t be the plan you have five or ten years down the road. It’s important to take time to update your plan when important changes happen in your life, and divorce may be the most … Read more

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Protecting Your Family After the Dobbs Decision

This year, on the cusp of the Fourth of July, many Americans were shocked to learn that some of their freedoms had been scaled back by the Supreme Court in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center.  The Dobbs case overturned the landmark case of Roe v. Wade and eviscerated any constitutional right to abortion.   While the full … Read more