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Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples 

As society evolves, unmarried but committed relationships are becoming increasingly common. While these partnerships offer flexibility, they also come with specific financial and estate planning challenges. Without the inherent legal protections of marriage, it’s important to proactively ensure that your wishes are clearly documented. Here’s how to adeptly manage estate planning for unmarried couples.  1. … Read more

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Seven Tips for Estate Planning for Blended Families 

The blending of two families can provide an abundance of love and support; it can also raise a host of difficult estate planning questions.  Preventing disputes and ensuring that all parties are fairly provided for requires thoughtful planning and implementing proper legal structures.    Below are seven tips for crafting a plan that respects both your … Read more

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No Will, No Way: What Happens When You Die Without a Will? 

Ensuring that you have a will in place is at the heart of estate planning; it ensures that your assets – all that you have worked hard to save for much of your life – will be passed onto those individuals and entities of your choosing. Without a will – and with the exception of … Read more

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Probate 101: What You Need to Know About Estate Settlement

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult, and even more so if you are responsible for navigating the process of probate, whereby the courts settle the deceased’s estate in accordance with their estate planning documents. If there are estate planning documents in place, the process is relatively hands-off once the documents are authenticated. However, … Read more